Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest room 1- Finally done!

Some of you might have been wondering why I have not posted any new outfits lately so this should explain why. I am getting my house ready to put on the market! So all those unfinished projects I kept putting off around the house, well now I have to do them. And it's been ALOT of work! You know how your own house is always an unfinished project cause you're always in search of the "perfect" look. Well, this whole process of getting my house ready to sell has opened my eyes to think differently about that. I should not think so hard about decorating. I've really just kind of "let go" and worked with the stuff I already own and you know, I love what I've come up with. Yea sure, it's not perfect. But it's finished and when I look at this room now, I finally feel at peace because it's done.Should have done this a long time ago! I've got more rooms to come, but this was the first one that I feel is completed and worthy of sharing pictures of. It's my guest room. And no, I don't live at the beach. But I love the beach anyway,so that was the inspiration for this room. I love hanging out in this room cause it sort of gives me that feeling of being there.

I needed some more art work for this wall so I came up with my own using fabric and my embroidery machine. I actually covered up art canvases that no longer went with my house decor anymore. Voila!!!


  1. Oh Ivey, I LOVE it. Very calming and so pretty. I love that dressing table. So very pretty. And your wall art is really creative and fun. Lovely job.

  2. Just got my issue of Sew Beautiful. I love your red, white, and blue collection!

  3. Thank you Sivje, FloridaBird and Elizabeth!!! I know,I need to do a post on the RWB issue. I'm so behind.