Monday, August 23, 2010

"Celina" Farbenmix pattern sewing tutorial

This is one of my favorite patterns to make. No matter how many times I make it, I always love the results. I begged Toni(she orders our Farbenmix patterns for the shop) to order these patterns for the shop. Did not realize at the time the instructions were in German( I think it is in German).Well, I felt guilty when they came in and I took it upon myself to figure out how to sew the pattern and while sewing, I took pictures so that I could make a tutorial to go along with the patterns we sell in our shop Sew Blessed .
I've decided to share my Celina tutorial because we have had a hard time keeping the printed copies of the tutorial with the patterns in the shop. In the long run, this will save alot of time( and money) to refer here for the English directions.Plus, now everyone will have an opportunity to look at the directions and see if Celina is a pattern they may want to try! Enjoy!
This is my finished Celina jumper. Don't worry, I include instructions on how to insert the trims too! Remember, when tracing your Farbenmix patterns, they do not give seam allowances,you will have to add them yourself. I had a little difficulty with my pattern pieces lining up correctly with the bottom hem, so I included instructions on how to repair that. Another solution would be to add the difference to your original pattern pieces for #2 and #3.

Cut pattern pieces for main fabric:
#1(front top section)-x1 on fold
#2(pocket)-x2 on fold
#4(back)-x1 on fold
#7(front facing)-x1 on fold
#8(back facing)-x1 on fold

From contrast fabric cut:
#3(front middle section)-x1 on fold
#6(Shoulder strap)-x2
#5(hem)-x4 on fold
Cut and prepare the contrast trim. I cut my trim at 1" on the bias(it has to be cut on the bias because of all the curves you will have to sew around), sew the strips together, and then iron it in half lengthwise.

Sew trim to pocket curves on pattern piece #2 at about 1/8".

Place the second pocket piece #2 on top of the one you just sewed the trim to r.s.t.(right sides together) and sew your seams(all my seams were sewn at 1/4", which works well to show off the trim) at the pocket curves only.

Clip curves and turn right sides out. Then press.

Lay your pocket piece #2 on top of pattern piece #3 and pin. Then sew your trim around the top curved edge only.

Fold the pocket piece you just sewed in half and clip the top center. Take pattern piece #1, fold in half, and clip the bottom center(where my scissors are pointing).

Starting with the center marks you just made, start pinning piece #1 to your pocket piece r.s.t. Then sew your seam. Don't worry if the bottom doesn't match up like mine did.

Finish your raw edges. Press. Then trim the bottoms of piece #1 if yours did not line up.

Fold shoulder straps (pattern piece #6) in half r.s.t. and sew your seam around top and side only. Turn thru your bottom opening, press,and then topstitch.

Sew your side seams for the front to the back. Start matching at the armhole down and don't worry that the hem doesn't match yet. Sew your seams for the front and back facings. Finish your edges and press.

Serge, turn under or zig-zag the bottom raw edge of your facing.I got fancy with mine and used some of the stripe trim to finish the bottom edge of my facing.
Pin your facing to your jumper r.s.t. matching fronts to front facing and back to back facing.
At this time, only sew your seam at the top edge of the back to the back facing.
Now, slip the shoulder strap in between dress and facing with the folded edge of strap nudged up to the seam you just made.Do the same for the other strap. Then, finish sewing your seam for the rest of your facing all the way around the top edge.

Clip curves,turn and press. Then topstitch.

If your back hem did not line up, like mine did( cause I had to trim the other piece)trim it to match your front.

Sew the contrast trim to the bottom, tucking raw edges under where they meet up at the ends.

Sew your side seams for both sets of hem pieces #5. Before I do this, I like to check if my hem bands line up with the bottom of jumper dress.That way I can adjust it to fit.
Press seams open.

Turn one hem band set to the right side and then slip it inside the other hem band and sew your seam for the bottom edge( the edge that flairs out more).

Turn and press.

Pin the hem band to the bottom of jumper and sew your seam, then serge or zig-zag the raw edge.

Press seam toward the top and then topstitch above hem band but on the bottom of the contrast trim.
Make your buttonholes for your straps and sew on your buttons. Your done!!!


  1. I'm so excited that you put this together. I bought this pattern a while back, but I haven't had a chance to sew it up. I'm so glad I waited!

  2. Yay! It took me forever to get around to finishing this up. My AC went out yesterday so I needed something productive to do at my parents house this morning. I'm so glad you can use the tutorial. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I do! I did hear that it runs a little big,but I have never been able to test that out for myself. I need to snag me a little model to try it on for me.

  3. Awesome we get to "see" Ivey in action!! Great tutorial. I don't have this pattern but looks like a great one. Thank you so much for taking so much time and so much effort to help the rest of us out. Sorry about your AC, we experienced that too this summer. Not fun.

  4. I enjoyed this tutorial. I hope you will be willing to share some more. I love Farbenmix patterns.