Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shamrockin makeover!!!

Yesterday evening mom called me and asked me if there was any way possible I could put together green outfits for the girls to wear for daycare. This year I had not made any St. Patricks day outfits so I jumped at the opportunity to make them something! I stayed up almost all night to get these done but it was so worth it this morning when I saw their happy faces. I just love these girls!!! I got big hugs and kisses from each one for making their dresses (Priceless!). Happy St. Patricks Day everybody!!!!


  1. Darling! I should have made my little one something new, but I put her in last years dress! I love the polka dot fabric you used. So cute!

  2. Love the lucky charm shamrock and horseshoe!
    PS - I have a book giveaway going on at my blog. Would love to have you stop by!

  3. Thank you Sivje!!! I was wishing early this morning that I had kept that one St. Pattys day outfit I made last year. I got them done, but it was a struggle toward the end. Thank you Kimberlee!!! I'm going to check out your blog for that giveaway! For sure!!! Thanks for the invite.

  4. Hi!!
    I just found your blog today and spent quite some time looking at your sewing creations at flickr! OMG!!!! It is a treasure chest of sewing inspirations. I love all the classic pieces you made and fabric combination, I really love what I saw. I am going to try out your A-line ruffle dress tutorial soon. Thank you