Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shamrockin makeover!!!

Yesterday evening mom called me and asked me if there was any way possible I could put together green outfits for the girls to wear for daycare. This year I had not made any St. Patricks day outfits so I jumped at the opportunity to make them something! I stayed up almost all night to get these done but it was so worth it this morning when I saw their happy faces. I just love these girls!!! I got big hugs and kisses from each one for making their dresses (Priceless!). Happy St. Patricks Day everybody!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Afternoon twirling and dancing

This past week I went to Atlanta to stay with my big brother and while I was visiting, I brought my sewing machines so that I could do a little sewing. Boy! It was alot of work to carry all that stuff! But it was so worth it cause I made these dresses. I cannot say enough about this wonderful dress pattern! It's called "Daisy Bell" by Ellie Inspired (available from ) Jada tryed on my Dr. Suess version and I could not believe how wonderful it looked on her! She loooooooved it too! She loved it so much that she couldn't stop twirling and dancing in it. I tryed to snap a couple of pictures of her in it with my camera phone but they all turned out super blurry.Well, thank goodness for the time change! I was still able to go outside after dinner with the girls and get these pictures of them wearing their new dresses. Oh how they love modeling new clothes. If anyone is interested, all the fabrics are by Fabric Finders.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missing Dr.Suess outfit

When I did my last post on the Dr. Suess outfits, I noticed that one was missing. I asked Toni,she works with me at the shop, and she told me it sold. I didn't even remember putting a price on it! I loved that it sold, but was sad that I didn't get a picture of it before it left. So I was so excited today when Sue brought her's in for me to snap a quick shot of it to share with all of you. This was made using the Farbenmix pattern "Celina". Thanks Sue for sharing. You did such a wonderful job!!!