Friday, June 8, 2012

How to sew on crinkle ribbon

 A few ladies at the shop have asked me how I sewed this elastic ribbon(or crinkle ribbon) on this dress. It's funny that I knew that I'd be asked about it later so I took pictures of what I did as I was sewing it. The trim is a satin ribbon that has been pre-shirred on elastic thread. We carry it in the shop at in pink and blue and it is $.90 a yard(I think that's a bargain myself). It looks like cake icing, which would be an idea to use it on a cupcake applique...........hmmmmm. Anyways hope the pictures here explain a little better than the way I was describing it to a few of my customers the other day. Sorry ya'll, and yep, I noticed your blank "I don't understand" stares.
 First, make a scallop template to trace on your fabric the design with a water erasable pen.
 Next, pin the ribbon in place along the scallop marking.
Then, using the same colored thread as your ribbon, sew the trim on using a running stitch. Don't have to be perfect with your stitching cause it will blend into the ribbon folds. The process went really fast.Honestly! I've put more time into sewing a machine embroidered applique than this did. So don't be scared to try it.

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