Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tutorial for Jacob playsuit (shorter lining)

Here is my first ever tutorial blog! This was the reason why I wanted to start a blog in the first place so I can explain some of the shortcuts I make on my sample garments. Jacob's playsuit is a boys fully lined romper that I have used here to make up in a girly version. I thought that it was not necessary to line the entire playsuit so here is where I am going to explain what and how I shortened the lining.
1. Take your back lining pattern piece and lay on top of your front yoke pattern piece, matching up the side seam where the arm starts.

2. Draw a line on your back lining pattern piece following the front yoke pattern piece.

3. Pin your back lining pattern piece and cut the top portion of your pattern out and stop where you have drawn your line, clip both sides where your line is.

4. Fold back your bottom half of your lining piece and with your ruler, match up where you made your small clips and cut the bottom half.

5. Cut out your front yoke. Begin sewing your romper like the pattern has you do.

6. After you have followed step 19, and turned your facing to the inside, finish the bottom edge of you lining by serging, zig-zagging, or turning under the raw edges. On the outside of your playsuit , following your side seam, "stitch in the ditch" and stop at the bottom of your top front piece.You do this so that your lining does not flop out while the child is wearing it.

Here is a picture of what the shortened lining will look like when you finish. Now you will just follow the pattern to finish. I used a cuff to finish the hem of mine but you could just turn up the raw edges.
That's it! Hope this helps.

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