Monday, April 18, 2011

My bedroom and bath

Ok, I feel kind of nervous about this post cause this room is so personal. This is my bedroom. This is where I lay my head down every night and sometimes can't sleep cause my creative brain is still dreaming of more stuff to make! And this is little ol me! I thought I'd finally post a picture on here of me since this was about MY bedroom.
My own bedroom has always been such an eyesore since I've lived here(about 10 years now). It's sort of an odd layout. I've tried moving my furniture around several times to see what works best, but this, I think is my favorite. Not perfect, but it is a BIG improvement. Sorry for all the post on my house decorating. But that's just what I have been up to lately. Hope to be done soon and back to sewing more cute kids clothing. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what my place looks like. Whenever there are local house tours, I try to go cause I think it's so much fun to see how other people decorate their homes. Take note of all my decorating magazines too! I guess it's one of my guilty pleasures!

The "Love love love" pic used to be a formal oil painting of fruit that I snagged from my parent's old house. I still can't believe mom let me paint over it. She was nervous about it but she said she enjoys seeing how I repurpose her old stuff.

Can't believe I'm posting a pic of my toilet! How embarrassing.
Wish I had taken a before picture of this bath. It was bad! I painted almost everything in here. It was so much work!!! But it made a world of difference. Painted the cabinets,both light fixtures, all bath hardware, and touched up the wall paint. Organized the drawers so that I can keep all my makeup and hair stuff off the counters(which I should of done a long long time ago). I'm so happy this is done!


  1. Ivey, you are wonderful! I love your bedroom. I LOVE your Love Love Love painting. You are creative like my mom is. Every time I visit her, she has repainted something and it is always prettier and more creative than the last thing.
    I think I need to work on my bedroom and liven things up in there! Time for something fresh for me!

  2. Thanks for the tour of your home even the toilet ( : You are so sweet and talented. Are you moving away or just to a different house in the same city?

  3. Thank you Sivje! I've painted furniture and accesories before but never have I tried painting my own art. It was pretty fun. Thank you Rhadonda!I'm just moving to a different house nearby. I'm excited about being in a new house so I can start all over again :)

  4. Yes moves are so great for purging. But it is amazing how quickly it accumulates again. But great to have a clean slate to start with. We moved a lot when i was young (my dad is a minister) but my husband and our family we have been in the same place for 15 years. I think a move would kill me though the thought of being forced to reduce stuff would be a good thing. Live simply so you can simply live. Well congrats on the new place. Can't wait to see what new creativity a new place may spark though i don't think you can get any more creative, you already top the scale!

  5. Hi Ivey,
    I loved to go through your room and honestly it's so beautiful particularly the your bed. The headboard and above portrait on the wall is great match with bed and wall. I recently got some white beds but I think the above black module can be great option to make my room more beautiful.