Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missing Dr.Suess outfit

When I did my last post on the Dr. Suess outfits, I noticed that one was missing. I asked Toni,she works with me at the shop, and she told me it sold. I didn't even remember putting a price on it! I loved that it sold, but was sad that I didn't get a picture of it before it left. So I was so excited today when Sue brought her's in for me to snap a quick shot of it to share with all of you. This was made using the Farbenmix pattern "Celina". Thanks Sue for sharing. You did such a wonderful job!!!


  1. Love it! How do you figure your prices on the things you make? I don't sew for others a lot, but when I do, that's my biggest challenge.

  2. I'm no expert about this, but I usually add up what the cost of supplies and materials were and then double that. Sometimes, if I loooooove the outfit and I know that it will sell for a little more I'll up the price a little. Hope this helps. I'm sure everyone else has their own method, so ask around.

  3. Ivey.. thought I would officially join your blog.. As always too cute. Love all the suess outfits.. makes me wish I had bought some.. but it would probably be sitting in a pile along with everything else I am hording.