Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures of decorating for my parents(mom)

For the past week and a half I've been helping my mom get her guest rooms decorated for her out of town guest. We picked out some of the fabrics way back before the house was finished being built.That was why we chose unusual paint colors for some of the rooms,cause we knew they would go great with the fabrics we chose.The other guest room we had painted a nuetral color so we could decide later how we should decorate it. Found these two paintings at Pier 1 and I begged mom to get them cause I thought they would be a wonderful inspiration for the rest of the room. She gave in to my begging after I found a lamp in the same red on sale.
New sheets,fake mink throw , three red plates and I made a pillow for the bed that would unite all the colors ,I think it all came together!

And look at what I did to the premade Pier 1 curtains to make them longer. Yep,I made lots and lots of ruffles! This was lots of work to do but they look so good! Now that the pain of making them is over I can enjoy them! If anyone is thinking of trying it, it took me 4 1/2 yards(of 54"width) of fabric and lots of patience.But it's worth it in the end! I'd like to make some for my house now.

Mom and I decided to paint this wood stained chair aqua so that we could bring more of the aqua color to this side of the room. I decided at the last minute to embroider the chair seat.Glad I did, cause I really think that it just completes the look.If anyone is interested in the embroidery design, it's from and it sews out beautifully!

This was furniture my parents had in their Master Bedroom when I was growing up. The wood stain was boring and it looked a bit "dated", so mom painted it white and put new hardware on.
It looks brand new now!!! I just love what paint will do to furniture!

I made these very simple tie top curtains for the window behind the bed and could not believe how dramatic they look when you walk in this room now!

This is the guest bath and I am most proud of this room . I begged my parents to let me design the guest rooms and this bathroom back before they started building. My parents didn't give in to most of my demands, but I put up a strong battle when it came to this bathroom.I'm so glad they let me!!! This bathroom turned out so charming!

I posted pictures of the other rooms in the house on my Flickr page if anyone is interested. We haven't gotten to the Master Bedroom and bath yet but I told mom that I needed a break from decorating so I could catch up on my other projects.
So hopefully my next post will be more about cute little outfits!!!
I hope all of you are enjoying some wonderful fall weather like we are here! Bye for now!


  1. wow!! so nice interiors with nice furniture !! Designs are looking perfect with nice combination of furniture & wall colors, metress etc..

    Bedroom Decoration Ideas

  2. These rooms are yummy awesome! Great job. And how fun is that to work with your mom to accomplish this. Memory making at the same time! Sweet.

  3. Ahhhhh, thank you Joy and Rhadonda! I loved reading your sweet sweet comments! It warms my heart!

  4. What great updates!!! love the ruffled curtains.