Sunday, September 26, 2010

My visit to NYC on Labor Day

I know this is kind of a late post cause Labor Day was a couple weeks back but I was just sitting here thinking about my day in the city wishing I was there again. I love NYC! There's so much eye candy! My Sister-n-law is from Connecticut and she had to go for a wedding so she invited me to come along(cause she knows how much I like to visit the city).It ended up being such a fun and relaxed weekend getaway.
I have a secret fantasy to somehow find a way to live and work in the city. Just for a year, so I could get it out of my system maybe. Then I could be one of those people that's "been there and done that". I'd at least like to stay there long enough so I could learn the subway system.Hmmmm, anybody hiring???

This was the beautiful scene from the plane as we were landing in White Plains .
These were my first ever White Castle burgers! Yummy. Here in the South, we have Krystals, which are good, but I really wanted to try a White Castle for the longest time now. Everytime I go out of state I've tried to find a White Castle, but it never has worked out. So finally! Jenn was only joking when she mentioned we could eat there for lunch, but I was soooooo serious!

Delightful colorized beads!!!! I want to kick myself now for not buying any of these! Oh well, I'll just have to go back.
Big Leggo mega store. We went here cause my big brother loves Leggos and all day we went to all these fabric and craft stores. He was such a good sport about it,so it was only fair that he got to go here. Made me feel like a kid again, this young guy greeted us with "high fives" when we entered. It was pretty cool!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this! Spechler Vogel is one of our vendors! I knew they were from NYC but I thought they were probably in some boring industrial part of New York. Wow, they have a beautiful building.Cause it was Labor Day, they were closed.Boo!

I know this is not a great picture, but this is Purl. They were closed too.Eeeccck! They had such a pretty store front display though. And from what I could see, the store looked lovely! Oh well, another excuse to go back.

Ooooooooooo...... loved this huge wall of buttons they had at MJ trimmings. Can you believe I didn't buy a single button?!?! I don't know what was wrong with me. I didn't buy anything here. I think I got overwhelmed.

And that was it......Now when can I go back???
For anybody wondering,yes, I've been sewing. I've got some projects going that I can't share the pictures yet,sorry. That's why I haven't posted my new things. This weekend I was working on some decorating projects for my parent's house. She has company coming for next weekend so I have been busy busy busy.I can't wait till we finish so I can share pictures of the rooms! Loving how it is turning out so far! Bye for now!


  1. Oh Ivy, what a bummer that the shops were closed, I would have been hopping mad! But yes then again, good reason to go back :-) Cant wait to c yr new projects as always

  2. I am just glad to see you post to know how you are doing. NYC--what a trip. Never been there but looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That happens to me when I go shopping. If I don't have a list I don't buy stuff cause I get overwhelmed or I forget exactly what I need! lol! Glad you had a nice trip though! Definitely go back!

  4. Thanks ladies for your sweet comments! Now it seems so long ago since this trip and I'm ready to go back. Ha! Maybe after all my work is done!