Friday, February 12, 2010

Sneak peak

Sooooooo,as you can see, I've been very busy this week. I've made all these outfits...................Haha,just kidding!Wish I could sew that fast. You(my very special blog readers) are getting a sneak peak at the garments that I made for a "Sew Beautiful" article for the upcoming issue. Yep, little 'ol me has her stuff in a magazine!!!! I think it is the coolest thing to ever happen to me. I had so much fun doing this.They let me pick what season to work with and I chose(of course) spring/summer.We have kept the outfits hidden so that the reveal would be a surprise for everyone.Boy has it been hard to do that! If anyone was shopping around on our webstore last night you might have come across the kits for these.That's why I decided to go ahead and post them.Hope you enjoy! Here's a link to the shop if anyone is interested in purchasing the kits. Pattern-"Retro remake" by Sew Beautiful.
2. "Emery" by Pintucks and Pettiecoats

3. "Claire" by Bonnie Blue

4. :Teaparty Sundress" by Oliver +S

5."Bibbed Romper" by Sew Beautiful Patterns

6."Lindsey" by Bonnie Blue Designs

7.Pattern is "Virginia" by The Children's Corner

8.Pattern is "Yoke Dress" by Ellen McCarn.

9. Pattern is "Penny" by Petite Poche

10. Pattern is "Macy" by The Children's Corner.

11. Pattern is "Marcy" by Bonnie Blue Designs.

12.Pattern is "Analise" by Portabellopixie Patterns.

13. Pattern is " Bibbed Romper" by Sew Beautiful patterns.

14. Pattern is "Sophie" by The Children's Corner.

15. Pattern is "Blair" by The Children's Corner.


  1. WOW!!!! Did you sleep or shower? All of it is fabulous. I was going to pick which ONE was my favorite but too many were my favorites. So I narrowed it to 4 faves, #1, #2, #8 and #15. Now you need to go to bed and get some sleep!

  2. Martha we have very similar taste! My favorites happen to be the Flamingo dress and the seahorse dress.Thanks for your concern,I do shower and sleep(and eat).LOL Thanks for your sweet comment too!

  3. Looove all of them! I have been planning to scallop the bottom of dresses too! Now I know why I like your work so much. Many of my likes cross over with yours! Pretty pretty work. So cool you are being featured! Did they find your through flickr?

  4. well I love them all!!!! saw the sneak peak on the SB website and just couldn't wait to see what you were featuring!!!
    Great work!!!

  5. You didn't make it easier for us!! It's so hard to choose one... They are all amazing!!!

  6. Oh wow! WOW! Those are beautiful. Which issue will they be in and what will it show? Will it show patterns or what? I love the two dot dresses and the blue and green floral dresses. Would love to know more about them. Stunning!

  7. You totally amaze me! Just awesome outfits...
    Congrats on being published!
    I wanna be like you... when I grow up :)
    See ya,

  8. Thank you so much everyone! I do enjoy reading your sweet comments!Kathy, thank you for asking about the link to the shop, I'm going to add it now
    Jenny, you asked me if Sew Beautiful found me on Flickr-yes they did!

  9. Thanks Ivy. Do you design the patterns yourself or are you using premade patterns? I am specifically wondering about images 7, 9 and 12, the two dot dresses and the green dress. The website does not specify what patterns you are using. They are so pretty. I'd be interested in just the patterns.

  10. Okay, I found this one on your flickr pool

    Pattern I used to make this is "The Sami dress" from
    Fabrics are Anna Griffin zebra print(not in the shop) and the floral print is from Free Spirit's Wildwood collection.

    What are the others? The two dot dresses. They are darling. You are so inspirational!

  11. I'll just add the pattern names to the pictures. Sorry about that.

  12. Congrats on being in Sew Beautiful. You will be a star for sure now! And to think we knew you back when.....Of course we already knew your amazing talent. I can't pick a favorite, they are all beautiful. It will be the best issue ever.

  13. Ivey, I just adore everything you create and I'm so glad we found you!!

  14. Ahhhhh,Rhadonda your so sweet.Thank you. Hi Shannon! I have so enjoyed the opportunity to work with you all! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  15. WOW!! These are all gorgeous!! Your eye for color is amazing and your details are so beautiful!

  16. I just got my Sew Beautiful mag in the mail today and when I saw your article I screamed in delight and told my cat..."I know her!" At least I feel like I know you after hearting all your creations in Flickr all this time. I headed straight over here to your blog to post my congratulations. All the outfits are gorgeous and once again you have inspired me!

    Jennifer Painter

  17. Thank you so much Goosegirl and Jennifer!!! That sounds like me-talking to my cat like she is human or something.Haha!