Monday, February 8, 2010

Mom tricked me

This dress pattern is from the book "Sewing with Whimsy" by Kari Mecca. It's called "Dizzy Dots" in the book. The directions were great, until I got to the part on how to finish the sleeves. It simply says to turn under edges and hand sew or topstitch.That was too unfinished for me so I had to cut some bias strips to turn under the edges .I added the tie sashes at the waist to add contrast to all the rick-rack trim. You could also use ribbon for trim cause it is not applied to a curve.I'm happy with this dress and will use it again cause I think it has lots of design possibilities! I remade this dress because someone wanted me to do a tutorial on the sash and loop holders(hey Kelly). I will get to it as soon as I can.

Love this dress pattern. It's called "the Sami dress" and is available from This pattern is great if you have a print that you love and really want to show it off.I tried something new(for me) on the ruffles by using a rolled hem on my serger.Really like the results! You'll probably be seeing me use the rolled hem more often in the future!

Somehow my mom tricked me into going to Atlanta this weekend. She had to go to an awards banquet that had to do with her job and she told me that we could visit my brother and then go shopping at Ikea(I love that store). We did all that, but what she tricked me on was the part of what I was going to do while waiting on her during the banquet.She told me there were hotels and restaurants right next to the conference center and I could just "hang out". Ughhhhhhhh. She was wrong! We got there 2 hours early too!Which means that I would have to wait 5 hours! I called my big brother and begged him to come pick me up.He lives 45 minutes away from where we were but he drove all the way down there to pick me up. He even took me out to eat! He has got to be the world's best brother ever!!!!!!! After he came to pick me up, I ended up having a great weekend. This trip cut into my sewing time though. That's why I only have 2 outfits made. Today I am working on a custom order for a friend that needed a baby shower gift.So hopefully I can finish that up so I can mail it off this week. This week should be very busy.I've got to finish up some projects for the shop for an exciting event that is about to happen!!! I'm about to burst with excitement about it!!! Promise to reveal what it is all about next week. For now, I'll share with you my latest sewing creations.Bye for now!


  1. How did i miss your blog for so long? Congrats on the blog. It looks great and you are doing a great job. You crack me up when you say you "only got 2 outfits done". That is amazing in my book. You are now added to my favorite blog list. THanks for taking the time to share and help us. You are beautiful! Reading blogs is so fun and addicting.

  2. Ivey you rock!!! Your work is amazing! I asked you a question on flikr but just realized it may be awhile before you see it. I going to copy you on a design and CREDIT you and my inspiration. Because, well you are my inspiration! I want to make my daughter a Valentine's dress for her school party Friday and I like you Heather Bailey Poratbellopixie peasant dress additions. I really hope you don't mind. Also I would like to link you from my blog when I post the dress. Is that okay?

  3. Wow, beautiful stuff. Can't wait to follow more of your amazing work. Do your kids wear this stuff, too, or is it all for the store?

  4. Thanks Kathy.My husband and I don't have any kids,so most of the things I make go in the shop. I have very cute cousin's that looooooove to wear anything I make for them and I sell my clothes from the shop sometimes to support my bad habit(buying too much fabric).