Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Patchwork Tiered Dress

I keep seeing these patchwork dresses on the internet and decided that I wanted to try one myself. The shop(Sew Blessed) has a couple of fabric collections that I thought would make up cute in this style. But when it came time to find a pattern  I could not find exactly what I wanted. So, I just decided to come up with my own  and I'm happy to share the formula that I came up with to make it. Enjoy!
I started with the pattern "Mia" by Create Kids Couture. It comes in sizes 6months to 8years. I only used the pattern for the top yoke with back sash. When I came up with the figures for the skirt length  I added 2" for the finished skirt length that CKC used for their underskirt measurement so it would be a little longer than the pattern originally has you make it.

Cut a total of 25 blocks using the chart below for the size dress you are making.
6-12months- 6 1/2" width x 5" length
12-18 months-7 1/2"width x 6"length
24months/2T-7 1/2"width x 6" length
3T-8"width x6 1/2" length
4T-8 1/2"width x 7" length
5T-8 1/2"width x 7" length
6-9" width x7 1/2" length
7- 9 1/2" width x 8" length
8-10"width x 8 1/2" length

-For all sizes, sew 5 blocks for the top tier,8 blocks for the middle tier, and 12 for the bottom tier. Sew the last block to the beginning block so that you create a continuous tube for each tier. 
-Hem the bottom edge of the bottom tier.
-Run a gathering stitch around the top edges of all three tiers.
- Draw up the top edge of your bottom tier with your gathering stitch by pulling on the bobbin thread until it is the same width as your bottom edge of your middle tier. Pin, sew and finish this seam.
-Draw up the top edge of your middle tier to fit the width of your bottom of edge of your top tier in the same manner as the last step. Pin,sew and finish this seam.
- Draw up the top edge of your top tier to fit the width of your yoke. Pin,sew and finish this seam.


  1. You do such beautiful work!! I used to live in Ray City but moved to Alaska. I was in the shop a lot. Miss seeing you guys. I love this dress, so pretty.

    1. Thank you ZigZagLoft! I tried to figure out who this was but I couldn't find your name anywhere on your blog. Hope you are loving life in Alaska. And I see you just started an Etsy shop. That's something I've always wanted to try. Good luck with it.