Sunday, August 19, 2012

My new sewing room

Hello again. It's been a while since I last posted but I do have a really good excuse. Yea, honestly I do! Finally got my house rented out, which was such a blessing but it caused a lot of work to prepare for the move. Took up most of my summer in fact. And it cut into my fun summer sewing.That's why everyone hasn't seen much new outfits from me. Moved in to my parent's house which means most of my things are now in storage and I had to downsize( and I do mean downsize!!!). After a lot of careful thinking and planning, I decided that it was more important for me to have a sewing work room rather than a traditional bedroom. I know it sounds crazy, but my sewing is more important to me than having a bedroom. Besides, I can sleep anywhere. So, I sleep on the couch in the family music room. It works!My sewing room is actually part dressing room but all that stuff is hidden behind the closet. The design style came from the leftovers from one of my guest rooms in the house I just moved from.
 Here it is! This view is from the entrance door. Cutting table is actually my old high top kitchen table painted white and a new top that is the size of a standard self healing rotary cutting mat.

 I'm so in love with how this old chest of drawers turned out! All I did was find the perfect shade of pink paint and spray painted the original drawer pulls silver.
 This has turned out to be a great place for hand sewing when the ironing board is hung back up. I covered the table top that holds my sewing machines with a layer of white fabric and clear vinyl on top of that,stapled to the underside. Then hot glued the ruffled ribbon skirt to the sides of the table top.The skirts are leftovers from the ottomans from my last house's guest room.
 Close-up of the curtains I reused from my last house. I had to re hem them but it was much easier than making new ones.
The painted quilt stand here has been great for hanging my "just pressed" fabric pieces. I highly recommend one of these for a sewing room. I use to hang my pieces over the door but now I have to keep the door closed so that little Jada and Jewel won't come in while I'm sewing.

I have to say, although my new sewing room is much smaller than my last, it has been wonderful! In fact, I like it better. Everything is more compact and easier to get to.

Until my next post......Happy sewing y'all!


  1. Beautiful room! You did a great job with it.

  2. Hi, I just love your sewing room. I just recently started sewing again. Nothing as intricatevas what u sew. I am obsessed with Pinterst, I kept seeing postings of cute pillowcase dresses. So I decided to try and make some myself. Very easy projects to start with. I don't use patterns. I kinda just wing it. I have sewn a few things in the passed few weeks. One of my goals is to have my own craft room. I also make bows, wreaths, jewelry etc. I really hope to have a craft room soon. Congrats on yours. Happy Sewing:)

  3. Nice room, I'm in the process with my room.
    I just saw an outfin you made for fabric finders site, It was a top and pants. The top is black n white cheveronfabric with yellow ruffle at bodice. The pants were also black n white but squares n the also had the yellow ruffle. Is that one of you patterns or where can I find it??