Friday, January 29, 2010

Heart tart dress

I have a subscription to Martha Stewart's Living magazine,but even if I didn't I probably would have bought this issue cause I loved the cover.I loved the cover so much that I created a dress that was inspired by it!


  1. Ivey, I hope I am the first to comment. I love it. I blogged about it on So tell us your secrets. Did you applique the hearts. It is so lovely. It has that touch of heirloom, and that bright applique. Wonderful work as always.

  2. Oh my stars Ivey! I didn't know you started a blog! I am SO going to be a follower!!! YOU are an amazing sewist! Seriously you totally inspire me girl!! Yay Ivey!

    Oh wait I almost forgot to tell you who I am. I am thatsjennywithaj on flickr.

  3. Oh and I adore the dress you made in this post!
    I was so excited about your blog, I forgot myself!

  4. I have blog readers! How exciting. I should step up my game.Haha. Hey Jeannine and Jenny. Thanks for the sweet comments!

  5. Oh, I love your designs. You are such an inspiration. I found you through flickr and would check in every day or two to see what you've created. I'm thrilled you have a blog. I just started a blog this week.
    I'll continue to check in.
    See ya,

  6. Ivey, love that you are blogging now. I too posted about this little dress on my blog as well. Didn't realize Jeannine had beat me to it. Love it and can't wait to read what else you are up to.

  7. I saw this on Martha's blog, and I just had to come and look some more. I've made that pattern, but oh gosh, you have a very creative mind. I love it!